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RWS 100 Project _2 Prompt

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RWS 100 Project #2: Sources Paper (200pts total)

In her chapter, “Literacy: Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives?” danah boyd calls attention to the problematic implications of the term “digital native.” For this project, you will introduce boyd’s argument, exploring how she aims to persuade her intended audience of her main claim. Additionally, you will bring in three outside sources (two scholarly sources and one popular media source) that make arguments and intersect with boyd’s text.


How you choose to put the authors in conversation is up to you, including which significant terms, aspects, or claims from boyd’s chapter you choose to investigate. It is your job to determine how these outside texts connect to the main text: do they illustrate, extend, challenge, qualify, or complicate one of the arguments found in boyd’s chapter?

Vetting Your Sources (50pts):

  • Annotated Bibliography (50pts): Due to the topic of our original text, digital literacy, you are REQUIRED to create a thorough annotated bibliography prior to writing your paper. You must get all three of your sources approved by me before moving forward in your writing process. This is worth 50pts of your entire project, and you will post it to the Wiki on October 5th by 11:00am.

  • TWO must be scholarly sources, and ONE may be a popular media source (this includes videos, magazine articles, blog posts, youtube, etc.).

  • Optional Source Bank: I have provided a list of potential source texts. You are allowed to select TWO of your sources from a compiled list (available on the Wiki). The third you must find on your own.

In this paper (150pts), you will:

  1. Bring the reader into the conversation (signal the topic).

  2. Introduce the author and the article.

  3. Accurately describe the author’s project and argument.

  4. Layout YOUR project. Feel free to use metadiscourse (Explain how you/the paper will proceed.)

  5. Locate claims and/or evidence from (at least) 3 outside sources that connect with boyd’s argument.

  6. Analyze these claims/evidence—how do they illustrate, clarify, extend, complicate, or challenge Boyd’s original arguments?

  7. Conclude your thoughts cohesively, tying up all loose ends.

  8. So what? Why do we care? Explore future significance and the bigger picture.

  9. Use clear structure that guides the reader through your paper. Lead the reader from one idea to the next.


  • 4-8 pages in length.

  • 12pt font, 1-inch margins, MLA format. (Check Owl Purdue Online or your handbook for MLA formatting tips).

  • Use specific quotes and lines of evidence, and when doing so, use in-text citation.

  • Work Cited page: REQUIRED for all sources referenced in the paper. This includes boyd, as well as your three outside sources.

Important Dates:

  • Annotated Bibliography due: Monday, Oct. 5th before 11:00am.

  • First Draft due: Hard copy on Monday, Oct. 12th for Peer Workshop #2

  • Revision due: Hard copy on Wednesday, Oct. 14th for Revision Workshop #2

  • Final Draft due: Electronic copy on Turnitin by Friday, Oct. 16th at 11:59pm.

















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