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Class Plan For Boyd:

M (28/9):

Introduce Boyd and “literacy: are today’s youth digital natives,” the term “digital native” as well as Prensky.

Homework: read the chapter.


Discuss the chapter. Ask questions: What does the term “digital native” mean. Who is Prensky? What does Boyd think about the term? What is her main claim concerning the concept of digital literacy? What supporting claims and evidence does she provide to support her argument?

Homework: Either write a paragraph concerning one of Boyd’s sub-claims and supporting pieces of evidence or produce an argument map concerning Boyd’s argument at large.


Discuss the student’s homework.

The difference between main claim or thesis, supporting claims, forms of evidence, and opinions.

M (5/20)

Lecture concerning how sources work in argumentative writing (refresher on correct MLA citation, why it’s important to provide different POVs and voices to your own argument, different types of sources and the different ways they respond to the main text).

Watch “filter bubbles”

Discuss Pariser’s argument and the way he proves and illustrates his argument.

Homework: TSIS chapter 4


Watch Prensk’y PBS interview:

Discuss his argument and assumptions. What is his evidence? How does he illustrate his argument? What is his claim?

Discuss chapter 4:

How is Boyd responding to Prensky.

Homework: TSIS chapter 5


Watch clips from South Park’s “Humancentipad” and “Oculus Rift.”

Discuss the concepts that set the stage for the comedy. How does South Park illustrate an issue or a situation? What is the subtext?

Introduce a list of sources.

Introduce the prompt.

Homework: Provide an annotated bibliography that includes 3 sources. 2 need to connect directly with one of Boyd’s sub-claims.

TSIS chapter 6

M: (12)

Question each student about their sources and how they plan to incorporate their sources.

W: (14)

Read through both sample papers provided by Werry. Read each paragraph and discuss how each paragraph works at providing analysis as well as discuss what makes up a successful paper.

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