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200 Spring 2016

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Assignment Sequence, Sample Prompts & Sample Syllabus


Major Texts Used in Assignments 


Draft Course Reader for RWS200


Short texts and teaching materials to use in the first two weeks of class

Unit 1: Analyzing & Evaluating Kevin Carey's "Why Do You Think They're Called For-Profit Colleges?"  



  • There is a collection of marketing documents (from the senate inquiry into for profits) and links to advertisements by for-profit
    companies like UPhoenix in this folder. You could ask students to examine some of these as part of their analysis of the context for Carey's text, along with evaluation of it.
  • Have students look up Carey, Clifford and some of the companies referred to - for example, Carey mentions Corinthian College.
    This company has been in the news recently 



Situating the Text



College Inc - introducing the arguments and issues 


Teaching Materials for Carey



Unit 2: The Rhetoric of Demagoguery (Lens Assignment)



Unit 3: Argument, Citizenship & Civility in a Digital Age 


Resources for Unit 3 & 4




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