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Project 1 Rubric (88)

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Rubric for Project 1: Evaluating an Argument in Context

Introduction (10% - 20 points)


Leads the reader into the topic. General to narrow. (Consider using “College, Inc.” as a starting point.)


Introduces Carey, his text, purpose, and main argument clearly.


Have a clear and thoughtful thesis that identifies important claims, highlight several strategies at play, and evaluate the effectiveness of those strategies.


Body: Analysis (65% - 130 points)


Have well organized, discussion paragraphs that center on a specific, clearly stated evaluative claim (your claim/topic sentence) about a specific strategy.


Have specific, well-chosen examples from the text that are relevant to the claim being made in each paragraph.


Uses quotes to serve as demonstrative support/evidence of your claim


Have thoughtful analysis of how and why each example of the text potentially affects the intended audience. (Consider why Carey would use the strategy you are highlighting)


Conclude” and transition each body paragraph individually to create a cohesive paper.


Conclusion (10% - 20 points)


Conclude in a cohesive manner, returning to the larger topic.


Acknowledge the work you have just done. Remind the audience of main claim, both yours and Carey’s.


Addresses the “big picture,” answers the “So What?” question. Leave the reading with a final, compelling statement.


Organization (10% - 20 points)


Organize body paragraphs around a central topic sentence that signals to the reader what that paragraph will be about. (These are your evaluative subclaims)


Transitions between paragraphs smoothly, leading the reader to the next paragraph. Where have you come from, and where are you taking us?


Paper as a whole is generally well organized, cohesive, and academic.


Mechanics (5% - 10 points)


Proper MLA format (margins, line spacing, font, use of citation, Works Cited)


Errors or typos (do not interfere with readability or are in abundance)


Sentence structure and word choice does not affect readability/meaning.



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