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Fall 2020 Teaching Materials: The Big Collection

Please note that a RWS100 wiki containing an entire package of integrated RWS100 teaching materials is at
this site https://rws100template.pbworks.com/.  It is designed to help TAs, new teachers, and anyone else
who wishes to use them. 
It has a package of linked material, from schedule to texts to homework, assignments
and class plans. It also has guides to 
teaching online. We organized it around the theme of racial justice.


Our one caveat is the schedule and homework listed is overly dense and more than you will probably want to attempt.
We included a lot so people could see choices, but it's more than can easily fit into one semester. Of course you are most
welcome to just consider adapting 
a few things from this.


The material below is for TAs and the lower division group to help them plan over summer. Newer versions of most 
of this is at the tempalte wiki, https://rws100template.pbworks.com/.


Teaching Files from the Fall 2020 Orientation - Google Drive


Links for Summer Meetings


Class Plans for First Three Weeks




If you plan on using the Norton ebooks They Say/I Say and Little Seagull handbook, and haven't talked to the bookstore
or Norton reps, you should do so asap. See the info below explaining how to do this.


Norton eBooks and the Immediate Access Program

The Norton reps Andrea Knab (knab@wwnorton.com) and Elizabeth Pieslor (epieslor@wwnorton.com) can help integrate
these books into Canvas or Blackboard.

The SDSU bookstore contact is Ben Compton, ben.compton@sdsu.edu. They Say/I Say and Little Seagull handbook

are part of the "Immediate Access" system, which is used by the bookstore and Norton to organize student access
to texts. In short, 
students are signed up for the texts and given access from day 1. If they do not opt out, they will
be charged $19 for both texts at the add/drop date. 

The bookstore asks that you include in your syllabus language such as the following 
to explain the system and
how students can opt out:


"Immediate Access Course: Some or all of the required course materials for this class are provided in a digital format
by the first day of classes and are free through the add/drop date.  Your SDSU student account will then be charged a special
reduced price for use of the materials for the remainder of the semester unless you opt-out of the content by 11:59 PM
on the add/drop date. Please visit www.shopaztecs.com/immediateaccess for additional information about Immediate

Access pricing, digital subscription duration, print add-ons, opting out and other frequently asked questions."

The bookstore provided this guide to faculty for the Immediate Access system.



Potential Readings for Fall 2020


Short texts that could be used to introduce Rhetorical Analysis

We have a collection of short texts on a range of topics that are often used to introduce rhetorical concepts and argument
analysis. There are teaching materials for many of those texts. 

If you wish to use some short texts that address racial (in)justice, and aspects of the current moment, we could also consider 
using some of the texts below. 


Unit 1 and Stevenson's "We Need to Talk about an Injustice"

  • Bryan Stevenson’s TED talk “We Need to Talk about an Injustice” (transcript, video). This speech gets at some of the issues
    related to our current crises, but is hopeful and rhetorically interesting. There is a 
    one page text by Stevenson that  covers
    similar ground,
    that could be used to introduce Stevenson’s TED talk, and to discuss how Stevenson modulates his
    argument for a different audience.


Unit 1 Teaching Materials


Introducing Stevenson: pre-reading resources


Stevenson on Racism, the Protests, and how we can Move Forward.

These texts could be used as part of a unit 3 project.


Stevenson Videos



Some background texts



Unit 2 Teaching Materials



Unit 2: Some Texts Chris and Jason are Considering

Texts with Connections to Hannah Jones and Landrieu





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