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Sample Student Papers

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Paper 1 Samples: Account & Analysis


Paper 2 Samples: The Sources Assignment

  • A strong final sources paper from spring 2010 that analyzes Gladwell's book Outliers. The paper discusses Gladwell's claim that Asian math success is attributable to the "cultural legacy" of rice farming. The paper explains Gladwell's claim and considers other texts that can be used to extend and complicate Gladwell's argument.
  • A sample draft that analyzes the movie Food Inc. "In this paper I will use outside texts including “How Biofuels Could Starve the Poor” by Ford C. Runge and Benjamin Senauer, “Gain for Winfrey in Suit By Beef Producers in Texas” by Sam Howe Verhovek, and “Veggie Libel” by Ronald K.L. Collins to clarify and extend claims presented in Food Inc. I will use Runge and Senauer’s article to extend the claim that the heavy reliance on corn leads to a fragile food system in America. I will then clarify the Oprah Winfrey case that relates to the “veggie libel laws” using Verhovek’s article. Lastly, I will extend the claim that it is unjust that Americans can be sued for criticizing their food through Collins’s article."


Sample Paper 3: The Rhetorical Strategies Assignment



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