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Karen Keene's Instructions on managing the TA Office/Computers


TA office
  Lock it up; I have found it unlocked at 6:30 am
  Clean it up? Custodians will empty trash/recycling only

  Shutdown when not in use; turn monitor off
  Flash drives can be plugged into several ports; ask me?
  Notify the office or me if something is not working
  Pay attention to messages about printer ink and ask for it
    (you will need the empty cartridge to get a new one)

  Use BlackBoard when appropriate; no cost to RWS
  Rule is <25 copies, use the copier (we pay per page copied)
  25 or more copies, request Riso copies via office form
    (no charge per copy; give them notice)

  Direct deposit almost always skips your first check --
    some of you still have checks from 10/1 in the office
  Each pay period you receive either a check or a stub!
    Please pick it up from the front desk or your mail folder
  Reminder - fall pay will be issued on six checks total!

I am also here to help! Ask me about your pay and paychecks, computer, printer, phone, office supplies needed, whatever. If it not my responsibility, I will direct you or your request to the proper person.
Thanks!  Karen Keene RWS (accounting and technology)




San Diego Roots Guest Lecturer


If you would like a guest lecturer to visit your class to supplement the Food Inc. unit, please contact Misha Johnson: misha.m.johnson@gmail.com.


More information about San Diego Roots may be found at: www.sandiegoroots.org


Skloot Talk - November 02 @ 2.00, in AL201


Just wanted to let you know that Rebecca Skloot, the author of _The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks_, will give a  talk on campus on Wednesday Nov 02 @ 2.00. It will be held in AL201 - the big theater in the A & L building.


The organizers want to know how many of our students will attend, as our students  will probably be the largest part of the audience.

They have 500 tickets. If you are teaching the book, please let me know if you  are going to a) require your students to go, b) give extra credit for attending, or c) suggest they attend.

Please let me know what you'll be doing, how many you estimate will attend, and if possible, send me a list of the students who will attend for extra credit. The Common Experience people would like to have a list of students who are going for extra credit so they can make sure tickets are available at the door.



Immortal Life Essay Competition: Students Can Win Cash Prizes & Publication

SDSU students can write papers about the Skloot book and win several cash prizes, as well as publication in the journal LORE, run by RWS. Essay should be 1200-1500 words. They may cite outside sources, but it is not a requirement. The winning essay will automatically be submitted for consideration in the regional competition, which will include essayists from UCSD, SDSU, USD, CAL STATE SAN MARCOS, POINT LOMA NAZARENE, and  GROSSMONT COLLEGE.  Papers are due December 16, 2011.



1st - $600

2nd - $300

3rd - $100

1st - $300

2nd- $150

3rd- $50


More information about the competition is here




Plagiarism Detection - in Spring 2011 We're Moving from Blackboard's SafeAssign to Turnitin

In Spring 2011, SDSU is transitioning from SafeAssign to Turnitin for plagiarism prevention. While SafeAssign will be available until the end of Spring 2011, ITS highly recommends that interested instructors switch to Turnitin now. Turnitin is integrated within Blackboard and has a more robust search engine (Originality Check).

Turnitin also offers companion tools, PeerMark and GradeMark, that can streamline grading and meaningful feedback on student writing.

For more information on Turnitin, please visit: http://its.sdsu.edu/tech/plagiarism and http://universe.sdsu.edu/sdsuniverse/news.aspx?s=72703
Please contact Carol Tohsaku at ITS if you would like training on Turnitin. Contact info: ctohsaku@mail.sdsu.edu or 619 594-2203


August 24, 2010: Front Page of Union Trib Describes Shift in k-12 Language Arts Toward Argument & Rhetoric



ITC Meetings Moved to AH 3127


Final exam schedule for RWS100 Classes

You can find the final exam schedule for your classes here. http://arweb.sdsu.edu/es/registrar/finalexams/



Professors give advice to new students - and much of it concerns argument & writing


See especially the pieces by Graff (An Argument Worth Having), Wills (Play Politics) and Nussbaum Go the Wrong Way. Fish is always a mix of interesting and maddening insights - worth reading, but be aware he's like a very smart, crazy uncle who starts arguments mostly for the fun of them, in part just to get a rise (The Hunt for a Good Teacher).





Drop-in Tutoring - Fall 11*
Sept. 19 - Dec. 9, 2011
Monday        12:00 pm - 2:50 pm
Tuesday          9:00 am - 2:50 pm
Wednesday      9:00 am - 4:50 pm
Thursday       9:00 am - 1:50 pm
Friday         9:00 am - 1:50 pm
Meet in AH 3104
As far as the library center, it will not be ready until October, and I have not committed to using the facility-- yet.
Please remember that tutors are not suppose to edit or proofread students work, but will certainly work with students on editing their papers, work with grammar and mechanics, content, development, responding to prompts. They may be able to help with reading to an extent, but the will not be familiar with every text. (Michael Underwood, underwo2@mail.sdsu.edu)


Tutoring is first and foremost a learning experience.

Tutors have been instructed to help students with a range of writing assistance such as:

        Structure, development, addressing the prompt, helping students 

        understand the prompt. You know all of those "larger" writing issues.

        In addition tutors will be happy to help students with one or two

        prevalent grammar or mechanical issues, but they will not just work on


        Tutors will not edit students' papers.

With increased enrollment some may be tempted to require their students to see a drop-in tutor prior to turning in papers, please consider:

        Requiring often creates resistance in some students.

        We have a limited number of hours (40 a week), and so not everyone of

        your students may be able to get in to see the tutor.

                Appointments are 15-20 depending on number of students waiting

        I have a policy of tutors not signing a paper or form, though I'd be

        willing to discuss this.

        Meeting with students is on a first-come-first-served basis.

        Instructors are welcome to talk to the tutors about what they want help

        with their students, as long as it's not just grammar.

        Have your students bring the prompt and readings along with their paper.

Those with a tutor assigned to their class(es) should have students use their tutor first, but are certainly welcome to use drop-in tutoring when the tutor has run out of hours or as a supplement.

RWS 101 students should not use drop in tutoring as a way to get credit for missed appointments with their assigned tutor. The tutors will not sign anything in this situation. (I am particularly cranky about this one.) 101 students can use drop-in tutoring as a supplement, but not credit for missed appointments with their tutor. It's a responsibility thing.

I would be happy to discuss any concerns, issues, and questions. There are always circumstances that require flexibity. My office hours are TTh 12:30-1:30pm and W 2-3pm. Also, I will be on campus more often than not on TTh till about 4pm, and on W by about 9am. However, I may chose to leave early and come in a bit later once in a while.

Please, please do recommend students to the drop-in tutoring. Over the last couple of semsester, I cut the hours based on a lack of use.

Here's the days and times, and please fell free to put this information on your blackboard site or wiki page.


Michael, underwo2@mail.sdsu.edu



End of Semester Homework, ITC and the portfolio


Here's an update on what we're doing next week, and what we'd like you to do for your end of year portfolio, to be handed in to my mailbox by December 18.

For homework: please draft an outline of your plans for next semester - what texts are you considering, what theme, assignments, any fun things you'd like to do in class, etc.

In ITC: We'll talk about preparing to teach 200, preparing your students for 200, and ideas for teaching 100 next semester. We'll go over ending the class and preparing for what's ahead. We'd also like to go over some of the ideas you composed last meeting. I've been reviewing them and you've given us a lot of useful ideas to reflect on, so thanks.


Here's the revised instructions for your portfolio.

  1. Three student papers in response to one assignment, representing a range of grades (A, B, C), including your comments on these papers. 
  2. Reflection on the course goals and criteria, including which elements of the course you feel you delivered well, and which less well, either because they are not clearly described or because of other difficulties. 
  3. If you have any further ideas about ways we could improve the course and our support of new TAs, please list them.




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