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RWS 100 & RWS 200 Teaching Materials

This wiki contains materials for teaching RWS 100 and 200. It supports the work carried out in the RWS teaching internship (RWS 796A)

for new TAs. We will use it to share and discuss resources for teaching, pedagogy, and professional development. You are also

invited to use it to share work, draft teaching materials, add links, think out loud, introduce yourself, etc. 

Over break you can look at the teaching materials on this wiki, on the sample RWS100 class wiki and the sample RWS200 class wiki,
and consider how you plan to adapt, extend or add to these resources. 










  • All Purpose Materials for Teaching 100
    Pre-reading exercises, group work, class discussion
    strategies, rhetorical reading, charting, drafting, peer review, metadiscourse, teaching with visual texts, etc.







  • FrankenReader 
    Excerpts from 14 popular argument/rhetoric textbooks. We've focused on materials relevant to RWS100.  


Some materials being piloted to help with analysis of strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness.




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