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Resources on Grammar

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Grammar & Mechanics - the most common problems & how to fix them


The importance of teaching grammar in context + common assumptions about grammar 


Humorous Perspectives on Grammar (and teaching)


Materials for Teaching Grammar, Mechanics etc.   


Fun & Popular Sites for Students to Learn about Grammar, Style and Language


Grammar Quizzes and exercises


Citation/Quoting Sources & Style Guides - MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.



Citing Online Sources




ESL Resources


Research links - how to find texts


Go to the library and talk to the research librarian

That's right, use your feet and talk to a human being. Watch what they do - ask them what they are doing - take notes, and try later on to do it yourself. Have them guide you through a key word search – show you some slick librarian tricks.


Talk to your professor

Another good place to start? Talk to your professor. Ask her what some of the key journals or databases are in your discipline. Ask her if she knows any journals or academic publications that are particularly good for undergraduates 


SDSU Online Library Resources


Internet Research Tools




Dictionaries, Word Usage & Thesauruses



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